There are many terms used to describe deliberate behaviour inflicted upon one’s body in an effort to manage difficult feelings. People who engage in self-harm are likely to experience depression and/or anxiety.  Forms of self harm can range from issues with addiction, neglect of personal care, cutting or burning oneself, to taking an overdose and/or feeling suicidal.

For the person who is worried about his or her self-harming behaviour, taking the first step towards finding the most appropriate type of support can feel frightening. My work will address self-harming behaviours as well as the underlying psychological causes, which is crucial to ensure a positive long-term outcome.

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For more information visit these links:

Bristol Crisis Service for Women (BCSW) – Self-Harm: Resource, Advice and Support

National Self-help Network

Samaritans (24 telephone support for anyone feeling struggling with emotions and/or feeling suicidal)

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